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The AJAX Enabled Tree Control.
NlsTree iconPowerful and versatile advanced cross browser tree control. NlsTree offers functionality such as node manipulation, load on demand (AJAX), render on demand (for large tree), context menu, drag drop, XML and many other to be used with simple or complex web application.


The AJAX Enabled Dropdown Menu Control.
NlsMenu iconPowerful cross browsers dropdown menu control. Features includes easy configuration and setup, search engine friendly, cross browsers effects, cross frame, context menu, load from XML, AJAX menu and many others for website or web application.


The AJAX Enabled Calendar Control.
NlsCalendar iconNlsCalendar is state of the art DHTML AJAX enabled calendar control. Calendar is generated dynamically in browser, no server request is required. It is fast and responsive, compact interface design and customizable style provides professional calendar view or date time picker for your web application.


The AJAX Enabled Scroller Control.
NlsScroller iconNlsScroller is an unique HTML scroller control. NlsScroller scrolls html content such as images, text, links, RSS etc automatically or manually. NlsScroller supports plugable cross browsers effects such as continuous scrolling, fade, slide and wipe effect. Each effect has its own configurations/settings.


The AJAX Enabled Lightbox Control.
NlsLightbox iconSimple and lightweight AJAX enabled lightbox control for viewing HTML content. NlsLightBox doesn't require third party library, can be used to displays image (or group of images), inline content, iframe or AJAX content.