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NlsMenu Professional - Advanced Javascript Drop Down Menu Control

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AddObject NlsMenu is an advanced drop down menu that can be very easily embedded into a web page in your website or web application. NlsMenu provides many customizable features to let you freely customize it to fit into your design layout.

With NlsMenu you can creates vertical or horizontal menu, adjust the drop down position, drop shadow and configure virtualy any part of the menu from just css (stylesheet) file. You can also define menu across frameset/iframe, drop down on click (drop down displayed when menubar's item is clicked), use the menu as context menu or toolbar, and many other advanced features. The menu also work with NlsTree Pro as advanced multi level context menu!

NlsMenu is the ultimate choice for your website or web application.

NlsMenu Features

NlsMenu Distinctive Features

Search Engine Friendly NlsMenu Pro now supports loading menu from HTML structure (UL/LI). Menu structure is defined using regular HTML tags (UL/LI) and this enable search engine to index all the links in the page where the menu is embeded.
Render on Demand Submenus are loaded but not rendered initially. The submenu will be render when user hover its parent menu item. This feature is extremely useful when you have large menu structure. It increases menu loading performance.
Load menu from XML Load the menu from xml file or dynamically generated XML. This feature is also supported in cross frame environtment.
AJAX Menu Load submenus on demand. When mouse over an item, a request is sent to server to load the submenu. This feature is also supported in cross frame environtment.
Advanced Borders Customizeable advanced menu borders from css file. With this feature you can create simple to complex drop down menu.
Custom Menubar Custom menubar allows you to define any HTML such as link or image as menubar.
Auto Positioning Window's edge detection, NlsMenu calculates the best position to ensure submenu is displayed in visible window area.
Menu Direction Priority Submenu will be displayed in specified direction. If there is not enough space, the auto positioning will work.
Cross Frame Create a menubar in a frame and all its submenus in another frame.
Selection Path When enabled, the path to the selected item will be highlighted. The selection remains even after page refresh (cookie must be enabled).
Enable/disable or show/hide menu item You can disable/enable as well as show/hide menu item, very useful when using the NlsMenu as context menu or toolbar.
Custom Menu Item Creates your own custom menu item. You can put anything into the custom menu item including form elements.

NlsMenu Standard Features

Menu Orientation Horizontal and vertical menu orientation.
Customizeable style Customize menu style using stylesheet. Each menu can have its own stylesheet using special prefix.
Menu Effect Support cross browsers menu effects (sliding and fading, transparency) and all IE 5.5+ Transition effects.
Drop Shadow Customizeable menu shadow from css file.
Adjustable Menu Position Adjust position of submenu relative to the parent menu.
Drop down on click Drop down submenu when menubar's item is clicked.
Form Element Flow over form's elements (form's selection and drop down box) or hide the form elements when menu displayed over the top of the elements.
Custom Item Style Define custom style for special menu item
Custom Separator Specifying standard and custom menu item separator.
Floating Menu Floating menu is an add-on feature in NlsMenu Pro. You can create smooth movement floating menu.
Context Menu Use NlsMenu as popup/context menu.
Toolbar Menu Use NlsMenu as toolbar. NlsMenu supports basic toolbar functions such as toggle item.
Multiple instances Create many instances of the menu in a page.
Cross Browsers Support most of the popular browsers.

Browsers Compatibility

Below are list of supported browsers.

MS IE5.0+