NlsMenu Pro
Change Notes
NlsMenu Professional - Advanced Javascript Drop Down Menu Control

NlsMenu v.3.1 Professional - The Advanced Drop Down Menu
June 10th 2009

  1. New option menuDelay, set amount of time before submenu displayed when mouse move over a menu item.
  2. New option maxHeight, set maximum height of submemu. If the menu height exceeded, vertical scrollbar will be displayed.
  3. New styles/themes.
  4. Changes in documentation.
  5. Some minor bug fixes.

NlsMenu v.3.0 Professional - The Advanced Drop Down Menu

  1. Search engine friendly. Menu is loaded from regular HTML structure (UL/LI tags). Search engine will be able to index the links in the HTML.
  2. Render on demand. Menu is loaded but only menubar is rendered. Submenu will be rendered when mouse hover the menubar item. This feature is extremely useful and should be used with large menu structure.
  3. The renderMenubar() function now automatically render all submenus. No need to explicitly call the renderMenus() function unless needed in some special case such as creating menu without menubar (context menu/popup menu).
  4. Changes on addSeparator() function. The parameter now is String instead of NlsMenuSeparator object.
  5. Add new option, Menubar.firstClickOnly. This option works with drop on click menu.
  6. Fix bug in setItemVisible() function.
  7. Fix bug in dropOnClick mode in cross frame environment.
  8. Add new examples XML menu and AJAX menu in cross frame environment.
  9. Changes in documentation.
  10. Some minor bug fixes.

NlsMenu v.2.0.1 Professional - The Advanced Drop Down Menu

  1. Minor bug fixes.

NlsMenu v.2.0 Professional - The Advanced Drop Down Menu

  1. Add new dynamic functions library (nlsmenuext_dyn.js), contains functions to show/hide menu item, reload menu, delete item etc.
  2. Add XML functions library (nlsmenuext_xml.js), contains function to load menu from XML file/string, AJAX menu, etc.
  3. Add new feature: selection Path.
  4. Add new feature: toggle item and grouped toggle item.
  5. Add new feature: selected menu style.
  6. Add new API functions: setItemText, menuOnHide event, etc.
  7. Fix vertical shadow problem (in IE) when using doctype.
  8. Fix menu transparency problem when using flowOverFormElement=true.
  9. New examples and themes
  10. New documentation.
  11. Shadow is now disabled by default.
  12. Icon for disabled item. format [normal icon, on over icon, disabled icon]
  13. Minor bug fixes.

NlsMenu v.1.2.1 Professional

  1. Display url in statusbar.
  2. Fix minor bug in cross frame menu.
  3. Fix doctype problem in Mozilla/FF/Netscape browsers.
  4. absWidth property is not string type instead of integer.
  5. Fix minor bug in custom menu bar.

NlsMenu v.1.2 Professional

  1. New cross browsers sliding effect.
  2. HTML custom menubar, specify HTML such as hyperlink or image as menubar/top level menu.
  3. Floating menu, new add-on, smooth movement floating menu.
  4. Minor bug fixes.
  5. Reorganized examples.
  6. New XP Style menu example.

NlsMenu v.1.1.7 Professional

  1. Effect on menu hid. Effect not only when menu displayed but also when menu is hidden.
  2. Item effect. Effect when mouse hover on menu item.
  3. Transparent menu example.
  4. Item target. Custom item target when menu clicked.
  5. Tooltips when mouse hover on menu item.

NlsMenu v.1.1.6 Professional

  1. Fix bug when menu item > 10.
  2. Minor changes in documentation.

NlsMenu v.1.1.5 Professional

  1. New example files.

NlsMenu v.1.1 Professional

  1. New feature, menu effect.
  2. New feature, custom item style.
  3. dropShadow property is replaced by dropShadow(pos, offset) function.
  4. applyBorder property is replaced by applyBorder(bTop, bBottom, bLeft, bRight) function.