All menus are relative positioned. You can put the menu anywhere in the page. You can also adjust the position of submenu relative to the parent menu.

menu theme: camel

To control submenu position, use addSubmenu() function:

var menuProd=menuMgr.createMenu("product");
menuProd.addItem("1", "JavaScript", "", true, null, null);
menuProd.addSubmenu("1", "menujs", false, null, null, [25, 8]);
menuProd.addItem("2", "ASP/ASP.NET", "", true, null, null);
menuProd.addSubmenu("2", "menuasp", false, null, null, [25, 8]);
menuProd.addItem("3", "Java Desktop", "", true, null, null);
menuProd.addSubmenu("3", "menujavadesk", false, null, null, [25, 8]);
menuProd.addItem("4", "Java Web App", "", true, null, null);
menuProd.addSubmenu("4", "menujavaweb", false, null, null, [25, 8]);
menuProd.addItem("5", "Other", "", true, null, null);
menuProd.addSubmenu("5", "others", false, null, null, [25, 8]);