You can use NlsMenu as toolbar. NlsMenu supports some basic toolbar functions such as drop down with selection, toggle button, grouped toggle button. Please note that as the main functionality of the NlsMenu is navigation menu, it probably doesn't support some features that are supported by real toolbar control.

menu theme: visual studio 2005

Note that in example above the Save and Paste button are disabled.

Click to enable and to disable the buttons.

Click to hide and to show the buttons.

To add toggle item:
[menu].addToggleItem("1", null, "", "", ["btnbold.gif"]);
[menu].addToggleItem("2", null, "", "", ["btnitalic.gif"]);

To add toggle item with group:
[menu].addToggleItem("1", "align", "", "", ["btnalignleft.gif"]);
[menu].addToggleItem("2", "align", "", "", ["btnaligncenter.gif"]);
[menu].addToggleItem("3", "align", "", "", ["btnalignright.gif"]);

To enable drop down menu selection:

To enable/disable item:
[menu].enableItem(itemId, true/false);

To show/hideitem:
[menu].setItemVisible(itemId, true/false);