1. Introduction

NlsScroller is an unique HTML scroller control. NlsScroller scrolls any html content such as images, text or links automatically or manually. NlsScroller supports many plugable cross browsers effects such as continuous scrolling, fade, slide and wipe effect. Each effect has its own configurations/settings for example you can specify slide type in slide effect. You can configure the scroller to slide in, slide out or slide shift.

NlsScroller is not only a regular scroller, with the dynamic function, you can scrolls dynamic content loaded from server, database or even RSS feed from any websites! A built in AJAX function included to allows you to load the content asyncronously from server. You can specify amount of time for the scroller to reload/refresh the content. With this feature you can provides live and updated data in your website.

With all the features, NlsScroller is still easy to use and implements. Content can be embed in a page, from separated file, or dynamic loaded from server/RSS. NlsScroller is a great component to improve your websites or web applications. Creating advanced slide show, presentation and photo album is no longer a problem.

1.1 NlsScroller Features

Below are list of NlsScroller Pro features

  1. Cross browsers. Supported on most of the popular browsers
  2. Search engine friendly. Content can be embeded directly into page and available to search engine for indexing.
  3. Scrolls HTML content. Scrolls any HTML content including images, text or links.
  4. Auto Scroll and Manual Scroll. Scrolls content automatically or manually.
  5. Scrolling/Transition Effect. Supports many cross browsers effects such as slide, fade, wipe, blank effect in addition to traditional continuous scrolling. Each effect has it own configurations/settings. You can specify effect type such as linear fade, cross fade, slide in or slide out. You can also specify the scroll direction, speed and other paramters.
  6. Navigation bar. Navigation or toolbar for manual and automatic mode. You can also creates your own navigation with NlsScroller API.
  7. Multiple Instances. You can have more than one instances of scroller in a page.
  8. Configurable Style. Configure the look and feel from stylesheet.
  9. Relative Positioning. You can put the scroller anywhere in your web page.
  10. Adjustable Size. You can specify the width and height of the scroller.
  11. Pause On Mouse Over. Pause the scroller when mouse hover the scroller.
  12. Dynamic Content. This feature allows you to load content from static html file or dynamically generated content from database or other resources. You can specify amount of time for the scroller to reloads/refreshes the content.
  13. Scroll RSS. You can scroller any RSS Feed from any websites.

1.2 Browsers Compatibility

NlsScroller is supported on most of the popular web browsers. Below is the list of supported web browsers. Some of the effect supported only for specific browser. Please check References for further information about browsers support.

MSIE 5.0+
Netscape 7.1+
FireFox 0.8+
Mozilla 1.4+
Opera 7.2.3+
Safari 1.2+