Release Notes

NlsScroller Pro v2.1
June 15, 2009
  • Fix special character problem when loading rss, loadfromrss.asp/php..
  • Rss parser for PHP 5.
  • Fix IE Transition Effect in IE8.
  • Fix style rule .nlsscrollerbreak instead of nlsscrollerbreak.
  • Fix bugs in documentation.

NlsScroller Pro v2.0
Monday, April 02, 2007
  • NlsScroller Pro v2.0 is a complete rewrite version. It is NOT compatible with previous version and implementation.
  • Many of the scroller properties name are changes for example scrollerWidth is changed to width.
  • Fine tuning cross browsers effect.
  • New NlsScroller is more faster.
  • Search engine friendly, content is embeded directly to page.
  • New AJAX based dynamic content loading.
  • New Scrolls RSS Feed feature.
  • New documentation and examples

NlsScroller Pro v1.2
September 05, 2005
  • New effects added.
  • Added mode property (AUTO/MANUAL)
  • Added setEffect() method
  • Removed scrollerWait, scrollerStep and scrollerDir property
  • New examples.
  • Fix minor bugs

NlsScroller Pro v1.0.2
June, 2005
  • Refined scrolling smoothness

NlsScroller Pro v1.0.1
June, 2005
  • Modify render() method
  • Added setContents() methods
  • Updated documentation