NlsScroller Professional Demo
NlsScroller Professional - Advanced HTML Scroller Control

Continuous Scroll

This example shows NlsScroller Continuous Scroll Effect and its options. Contents are scrolled continuously. You can specify scrolling direction, speed and steps.You can also specify delay from one topic to another topic.

Sliding Effect

This example shows NlsScroller with Sliding Effect and various slide types. NlsScroller Pro supports slide push/shift, slide in and slide out effect. You can also configure slide direction, and speed.

Fading Effect

This example shows NlsScroller Pro Fading Effect. Linear and Cross Fade are supported. With Cross Fade , next topic is fading in while current content is fading out. With fading effect you will have smooth transition from one topic to another. You can also control the speed of fade in/out.

Wipe Effect

Another cross browsers effect supported by NlsScroller Pro. NlsScroller supports horizontal, vertical and alternate wipe. You can control the speed of wipe effect.

Blank Effect

This example shows NlsScroller with blank effect. Content simply change from topic to topic. You can specify the amount of time the scroller goes blank before displaying next topic.


This example show NlsScroller implemented as newsticker. News or contents scrolls from right to left. You can also change the scroll direction from left to right.

MS IE Visual Transition Effect

This example shows NlsScroller with MS IE Visual Transition Effects. You can use any visual transition effect (filter) with the scroller. Since this feature is only available in IE, the scroller automatically activates Continuous Scroll in all other browsers. This feature allows you to use wide range of visual effects supported by IE and also maintain cross browsers capability.

Dynamic Content (AJAX)

Load content dynamically in specified period. Content is loaded using AJAX technology, no page refresh needed. You can loads content from database, file or other resources. This feature is great for website which provides realtime data or information.

Scrolls RSS Feed!

NlsScroller supports features to scrolls RSS feed (available in ASP and PHP). Server side script is used to loads and parses the RSS and convert the content to HTML. The results then loaded into scroller. With this feature you can scrolls any RSS Feed from any websites.