IE's Visual Transition Effect
NlsScroller Professional - Advanced HTML Scroller Control

Example below shows NlsScroller with IE's Visual Transition Effects. The scroller supports all IE's Visual Transition Effects. Since the Visual Transition Effect is supported in IE only, the scroller will automatically use Continuous Scroll in other browsers. You can override this behavior using NlsScroller API, you can detect the client browser and set the effect compatible with the browser.

Please check documentation for more information about the scrolling effects supported by NlsScroller Pro and they browsers compatibility. Below are few examples of IE's Visual transition effect.

Choose Visual Effect:

About the example:

  • The example above is configured to scroll automatically. It is possible to configure the scroller to scroll manually by default. You can also click on the mode button to toggle the scroll mode to auto/manual.
  • It is possible to hide the toolbar.

Below are scripts required to initialize the scroller above. No complicated javascript and the content are embeded directly in the page in a DIV element with id="scrollerDiv". As you can see the visual effect is defined in setEffect() function.

  var n = new NlsScroller("scroll1");


  n.setEffect(new NlsEffIETrans(["progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.RandomDissolve(duration=0.3);"]));