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This example shows you the NlsTree's Incremental Loading function (AJAX Tree). The tree on the left initially loads root and first level nodes only. When user expand a node, a request is sent to server to load subnodes of the the expanded node.

NlsTree Pro provides 2 options to optimize loading and rendering performance when dealing with large tree data.

  • Incremental Loading (AJAX tree). This is server side optimization. With incremental loading, you only loads tree nodes when requested, that is when user clicks on a node to expand it. Initially, only node on first level are loaded. Subnodes will be loaded depends on user interaction with the tree. This option allows you to work with very large tree data.

  • Render on Demand. This is client side optimization. Common limitation with javascript tree is rendering speed when dealing with large data. Depends on browser, the rendering speed will be vary. With Render on Demand feature, NlsTree renders the tree data on demand, that is when user clicks on a node to expand it.

    Check Render on Demand example here.

This example (ASP/PHP) is included in NlsTree Professional.