NlsTree supports drag and drop in tree, between tree and tree to other elements. You can use drag and drop to reorder and reorganize tree structure.

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  • To reorder node, select node(s), press SHIFT key and drag and drop the selected node(s) on target node.
  • To make a node a child of target node, just drag a node and drop it on target node.
    Note that it is possible to reverse the operation by specifying shiftToReorder property in drag drop handler to false.
  • NlsTree supports multiple select. Use CTRL/SHIFT + Mouse Click to select multiple nodes.
  • NlsTree supports auto expand feature, when dragging a node over a collapsed node, the node will be expanded.
  • NlsTree supports auto scroll feature, when dragging node to top or bottom area of the tree container, the auto scroll will be activated.
  • Drag and drop can be enable/disable at node level.
  • Note: Drag & drop feature is not supported on IE4.0.

To enable tree drag and drop:

var tree = new NlsTree("tree");
var treeDD = new NlsTreeDD("tree");

To enable/disable drag/drop on specific node:

tree.setDrag(id, false, true);

Sample above disabled drag on a specific node. If third parameter is true, disable drag on all sub nodes.