Example below shows standard options supported by NlsTree Professional. Click on the checkbox to see the option in action.

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 Show Tree Icon

This option enable/disable tree icons.


 Icon as Selected Node

Node icon represent selected node (icon changed when node selected), or node state (icon changed when expand/collapse)


 Show Checkboxes

This options enable/disable node's checkbox.


 Check Parent Nodes *

Check/uncheck parent nodes when check/uncheck node.


 Check Subnodes *

Check/uncheck child nodes when check/uncheck parent node.


* Please enable tree checkboxes (above) then check/uncheck the node checkbox to see how this features works

 Editable Node

Enable/disable the tree node edit mode. Textbox popup to edit the node text.


Enable this setting then try to click a node twice (not double click, first to select, second click or press F2 to popup the textbox, just like Window Explorer).

 Single Click

Single click on node's icon or text to expand or collapse the node.


 Double Click

Double click on node's icon or text to expand or collapse the node.

[tree].opt.oneClick=false; [tree].opt.evDblClick=true;

 Single Expand

This option allow only one node expanded in a level. When expanding a node, all other nodes in the same level will be collapsed


 Maintain State

Maintain tree state using cookie between server call (selected and expanded node).


To try this feature, expand several nodes in the tree, then press browser's refresh button.

Uncheck the setting will clear the cookie, then press browser's refresh button, tree will be in initial state again.


Sort tree node by node text (caption). There are 3 sorting options, ascending, descending and no sort. This option must be set before adding nodes to a tree.

[tree].opt.sort="asc"; //or "desc" or "no"