NlsTree Professional

NlsTree Pro provides 2 options to optimize loading and rendering performance when dealing with large tree data.

  • Incremental Loading (AJAX tree). This is server side optimization. With incremental loading, you only loads tree nodes when requested, that is when user clicks on a node to expand it. Initially, only first level nodes are loaded. Subnodes will be loaded depends on user interaction with the tree. This option allows you to deal with very large tree data.

    Check incremental loading (AJAX) example here.

  • Render on Demand. This is client side optimization. Common limitation with javascript tree is rendering speed when dealing with large data. Depends on browser, the rendering speed will be vary. With Render on Demand feature, NlsTree renders the tree data on demand, that is when user clicks on a node to expand it.

    It is important to notes the difference between Render on Demand and Incremental Loading is that the Incremental Loading loads only portion of tree data from server and renders it, while Render On Demand as mentioned above, is client side optimization to render loaded tree data on demand. Therefore size of data loaded from server must be considered in design. Render on Demand is very best use if you have about 2000-4000 nodes. Combining Incremental Loading and Render on Demand gives you very powerful tree control when working with large data.
This example shows tree with Render on Demand activated. The tree on the left has 3000 nodes loaded to browser. Only root and first level nodes are rendered initially. Subnodes are rendered upon click on the node.