Example below shows more NlsTree Professional options, style, and multiple instances.

Row selection
Node Selection
Configurable icons

NlsTree supports tree level icon set and node level icon set. Tree level icon set applies to all tree's nodes and node level icon set override the tree level icon set.

Row Selection vs Node Selection

Row selection higlight the entire node included the expand/collapse icon while node selection only highlight the node text only.

[tree].opt.selRow = true;

Custom Node and node indentation off.
Configurable style, icons and custom individual node style

Configurable Style (using css)

The tree style is configured in css file. Each instance of NlsTree in a page could have different style. You can configure style of normal node, selected node, normal parent node, selected parent node, etc

Custom Individual Style

This option allows you to define custom individual style for special nodes.

Custom Node

This feature allows you to create custom child node. Custom child node can contains any html including form's elements.

Node Indentation

This feature enable/disable node indentation.

[tree].opt.indent = true;