What's New?

NlsTree Pro v2.4
May 1st, 2009

Changes/bug fixes:

  • Fix spaces between nodes on very first load. This bug happens only once on very first load (in IE).
  • fix checkbox space in IE8 standard mode.
  • new icon set and themes.
  • Asynchronous request using iframe is dropped. Use XMLHTTPRequest for AJAX.
  • New event treeOnIncLoad, this is event is fired when node is incrementally loaded.
  • New event onSelectNode and onUnSelectNode
  • New event onParentNotFound event.
  • Fix problem with maintian state when loading menu from HTML structure.
  • Fix context menu positioning when using DOCTYPE.

NlsTree Pro v2.3
Mar 13th, 2007

New features and bugs fixed:

  • New much more simplified Incremental Loading/Load on Demand (AJAX based) implementation. XML based and hidden Iframe technique is supported.
  • Built-in tree container with scrollbars (enbScroll=true).
  • Auto expand. When dragging a node on top of a collpased node, wait for 1 seconds, the target node will expand automatically.
  • Auto scroll. When dragging a node to top/bottom area of tree container, the tree will scroll automatically.
  • Render on Demand. Another speed optimization option in addition to Incremental Loading. Render on demand allows you to load large tree very fast.
  • Load from HTML structure (UL/LI), this feature allows you to create tree structure using regular HTML UL/LI structure.
  • Load tree from XML file (client side) in addition to previous load from XML String function.
  • Specifies custom node in XML (<customnode>).
  • New drag drop option, shiftToReorder. By default it is set to true. If set to false, the drag & drop operation will be reversed. Refer documentation for more detail.
  • New context menu event: menuOnHide.
  • Minor bug fixes

IMPORTANT!!! changes:

  • The [tree].loadFromXML argument type is changed. Previously the argument for this function is XML string. Starting version 2.3 the argument is changed to XMLDocument object. Use new loadFromXMLString() function to load tree from XML string.
  • Default sort is no sort, previously default sorting is "asc" (ascending).
  • Incremental loading library is now included as standard feature, previously it is included as example. In new implementation there is not 'Loading...' node when incremental loading tree nodes. However previous implementation will still works fine with this new version. Please check the example for further reference.
  • You don't need to call renderAttributes() function anymore when using drag & drop, context menu and inline node edit.
  • New icons added to the icon configuration (StdIco).

NlsTree Pro v2.2
Nov 22nd, 2006

  • Add new function, unselectNodeById()
  • Add new function, setEditablilty()
  • Add new function, enableCheckbox()
  • Add new option showExpdr, if true, the expand/collapse icon of new root nodes will be displayed.
  • New parameter id to expandAll and collapseAll function.
  • New event, treeOnBeforeNodeChange. This event is fired when user apply changes to the a node in live edit mode.
  • Fix bug: when edit a node with drag-drop enabled, clicking on other node cause the changes applied to last clicked node instead of edited node.
  • Fix bug: drop event is still executed when drop operation is not allowed (indicated when mouse over a node).

NlsTree Pro v2.1
July 17th, 2006

  • NlsTree now supports multiple selection. When multiple selection feature is on, hold down CTRL/SHIFT key and click on tree node to select multiple nodes.
  • NlsTree now supports hide root node feature. With this feature, you can create tree with multiple root effect.
  • Context menu is now supported in Opera. To open context menu in Opera use CTRL+ALT+Left Click.
  • Add name attributes to checkboxes. Format cb_<node_id>
  • New options for checkbox on leaf nodes only.
  • The renderAttributes() method now supports arguments to render attributes in specified placeholder.
  • The selectNodeById() method now not expand node automatically.
  • Fix drag & drop error in some cases.
  • Fix errors on context menu in some special cases.
  • Fix checkboxes clipped on IE.

NlsTree Pro v2.0
April 19th, 2006

  • NlsTree is changed internally especially the rendering functions. NlsTree now more stable and faster in dealing with large number of nodes.
  • Maintain state between server call. NlsTree now maintain expanded and selected node state using cookie.
  • Node icon behaviour. You can configure node's icon to change when the node is expanded/collapsed or change only when the node is selected.
  • Option to check all sub nodes when parent node's checkbox is checked.
  • Custom node, allow you define custom html as child node. You can define image, form's element or any order valid HTML as child node.
  • Add new XML input/output extension API. With this extension, you can output tree XML or node XML, construct tree from XML and adding tree nodes from XML. This feature however only available on browser with XML support.
  • New database sample for loading and save tree to database using AJAX (hidden frame pattern and XMLHttpRequest). Sample available in classic ASP and PHP.
  • Add new renderAttributes() method. This method renders required attributes for context menu, drag drop and live edit feature.
  • Add new friendly function to set global icon set useIconSet()
  • Replace tree.opt.enableCookie with tree.opt.mntState.
  • New method reloadMenu() to NlsCtxMenu. This method allow you to re-render the context menu runtime.
  • New parameter "title" in add(), addAfter(), addBefore() and append() function. This title text will be displayed when mouse hover over the node. By default the title is the same as caption.

NlsTree Pro v1.4
September 2nd, 2005

  • New icons.
  • Add new method isChild(c,p).
  • Add new method hasChilds().
  • Add new method addAfter() and addBefore().
  • Add new method setNodeStyle().
  • Added new feature maintain node state (selected node only) between server call.
  • Drag drop between tree and HTML element.
  • Fix icon problem for large node.
  • And other minor fixes.

NlsTree Pro v1.3

  • Add new methods selectByNodeId, expandAll and collapseAll.
  • Add new property single node click allow single click to expand/collapse node.
  • Remove method showTree(), replace with render()
  • Fix 'Permission Denied ... XUL property problem, cause by programmatically focusing element'
  • Update tree examples
  • Fix drag drop problem on MAC/FF
  • Drag and drop available for OPERA
  • Change drag drop reorder function with SHIFT key
  • Minor changes on documentation.

NlsTree Pro v1.2.1

  • Fix bug drag drop, browser crash when reorder node (parent node to child node)
  • Fix bug node level context menu, allow a context menu assigned to more than one node

NlsTree Pro v1.2

  • Added render() method, a more convenient tree generation method to replace the showTreeO() method. showTree method is deprecated, but preserved for backward compatibility.
  • Added expandNode() and collapseNode()
  • Added treeOnExpand() and treeOnCollapse() event
  • Added tree behviour, when click on expand/collapse icon, the corresponding node will be selected if the last selected node is the child node of the node.
  • Added new example: Incremental Loading in PHP and ASP
  • Added single node expand feature (allow only one node expanded in a level)
  • Added disable tree context menu method
  • Added separator to context menu (context menu)
  • Refine context menu look and feel (context menu)
  • Added context menuOnhow event (context menu)
  • Added enableItem method (context menu)
  • Updated documentation regarding changes
  • Bug fix for IE4.0, node edit raise script error
  • Fix Image loading problem
  • Fix context menu display position problem.
  • Fix context menu hiding problem.
  • Added tree node drag drop operation