NlsCalendar Professional

Version 1.1

NlsCalendar is state of the art Javascript (DHTML) AJAX enabled calendar control. Calendar is generated dynamically in browser and therefore no server request is required. It is fast and responsive, compact interface design and customizable style provides professional calendar view or date time picker for your web application.

NlsCalendar features includes basic calendar functions such as month/year navigation, flat and popup mode, any day as first day of week. In addition to that the calendar also supports month/year drop down view to quickly navigate the calendar to specific date. "Today" function allows you to quicky return to current date by single click.

Advanced features such as multiple date selection, disable date, special day and special event enhances the usability of the control. You can disable date selection, mark date as special day and define special event manually (by calendar property) or programmatically (by function). AJAX capability enrich the already long list of options available in NlsCalendar.


  • Flat and popup/floating mode.
  • Support multiple date selection.
  • Special day, special event and disable date selection.
  • AJAX enabled.
  • Any parts of the calendar are customizable from CSS.
  • On top of HTML Form element and ActiveX.
  • Internationalization.
  • Anyday can be first day of week.
  • Supports all popular browsers (see browser compatibility in complete features list).
  • Click here for complete description and features list...


  • Powerful, fast and responsive. Full of features to let you configure and use in your web application or website.
  • Advanced unique features such as special day, special event, disable selection and AJAX enabled.
  • Complete documentation and examples for reference.
  • Fast and responsive supports (directly to developer).
  • Easy to setup, configure and customizable.


NlsMenu Professional supports all most popular browsers (Windows or MAC): IE 5.0+, Firefox/Mozilla 1.0+, Safari 1.2+, Chrome 1.0, Netscape 7.1+, Opera 7.2.3+