Flat and popup/floating mode

NlsCalendar supports flat (always visible on page) and popup mode as date time picker.
NlsCalendar Mode

Disable Dates

Disables selection on particular date manually or programmatically.

Special day

Specifies special day manually or programmatically.

Special event

Defines special event manually or programmatically.
NlsCalendar Special Event

I/O date format

Input and output date can be in any format.


Supports multiple languages, language files are separated from code.

Double click to close

In popup mode, the calendar can be configured to stay open when selecting date, and use double click to close.


Reposition the calendar by dragging title bar in popup mode.

On top of form element or activeX control

Always on top of form element or activeX control (common problem in IE6 and below)

Multiple Instances

You can have more than one instances of calendar in a page.

Cross Browsers

Wide range browsers support. NlsCalendar supports all of the popular browsers

AJAX Enabled

NlsCalendar supports loading special event at runtime using AJAX.

Multiple Date Selection

Selects and returns multiple date values.

First day of week

You can set any day as first day of week.
NlsCalendar First Day of Week

Year range

Sets year selection range in calendar control.

Month/year drop down and today button

Allows user to quickly navigate to specific date. The navigation button is configurable (show/hide).

Configurable Style

Configures the look and feel from stylesheet.

Relative Positioning

You can put the calendar anywhere in your web page

Adjustable Size

You can specify dimension of calendar in stylesheet.

Small scripts size and modular design

Small script size compare to features supported.

Complete API

Complete API to enhance the functionality of calendar.

Documentation and examples

Documentation and examples.