NlsLightBox Professional

Version 1.0

NlsLightBox is lightweight and powerful cross browser lightbox control. NlsLightBox offers more than most lightbox controls available in the market. It supports viewing predefined collection of images, zoom, resize and fade effect. In addition to preview image, NlsLighbox also provide functionality to load HTML content using AJAX, IFRAME or inline content.

These are functionalities that will greatly enhance your web solution. Replace the old popup window with more sophisticated lightbox to bring more advance user interface experience in your web solution.


  • Support 4 methods to load content: iframe, AJAX, image and inline.
  • Zoom effect when opening and closing lightbox.
  • Adjustable position (top, left or center) and dimension (width, height).
  • Auto resize when displaying image.
  • Auto 'fit to screen' while maintaining the aspect ratio when displaying large image.
  • Displaying group of images with prev/next navigation button.
  • Center on window resize.
  • Support 2 floating type: fixed or animated (scroll), the box is always visible even when user scroll the main window.
  • Option to display the box while loading or display the box after content is loaded.
  • Overlay.
  • Unobtrusive loading method.
  • Support all popular browsers.
  • Client API.
  • Lightweight, small script size and framework independent.


  • Powerful, fast and responsive. Full of features to let you configure and use in your web application or website.
  • Advanced unique features such as loading content in iframe, AJAX content and inline content.
  • Complete documentation and examples for reference.
  • Fast and responsive supports (directly to developer).
  • Easy to setup, configure and customizable.


NlsMenu Professional supports all most popular browsers (Windows or MAC): IE 5.0+, Firefox/Mozilla 1.0+, Safari 1.2+, Chrome 1.0, Netscape 7.1+, Opera 7.2.3+