NlsMenu Professional

Version 3.1

NlsMenu is powerful and feature rich cross browsers dropdown menu control. NlsMenu offers simple and easy menu configuration and setup, CSS based, XHTML compliant, search engine friendly (generates menu from HTML UL/LI structure), cross browsers effects, transparency, advanced borders, drop shadow, window edge detection and many others to create simple or complex dropdown menu.

Advanced features such as cross frame menu, popup/context menu, floating menu, toolbar, selection, XML datasource, load on demand (AJAX) menu, render on demand for large menu and integration to NLSTree Pro greatly improves the usabilities of the menu not only for navigation but also as control to enhance your web application.


  • Search engine friendly.
  • Virtually any parts of the menu are customizable from CSS.
  • Cross browser effect (sliding and fading) and IE 5.5+ filter/transition effects.
  • Configurable smooth shadow and advanced borders.
  • Custom HTML menubar. Use hyperlink or image or any HTML element as menubar.
  • Horizontal and vertical menu orientation for menubar or submenu.
  • Relative Positioning, menu can be anywhere in a page.
  • Auto Positioning (window boundary detection).
  • Menu on top of form's elements and activeX such as flash/media.
  • Unlimited menu level.
  • Multiple instances in single page.
  • Cross Frame Menu.
  • Drop down on click.
  • Popup (Context) Menu. Use NlsMenu as popup/context menu.
  • Integrate NlsMenu as multilevel context menu to NLSTree Pro.
  • Enable/disable menu item, extremely useful for creating context sensitive menu.
  • Loading menu from XML file.
  • Render on demand, for large menu structure.
  • AJAX menu, loads submenu on demand.
  • Toggle menu item, very useful when using the menu as toolbar.
  • Selection path, highlight path to the selected menu item
  • Menu selection.
  • Supports all popular browsers (see browser compatibility in complete features list).
  • Click here for complete description and features list...


  • Powerful, full of features to let you configure and use in your web application or website.
  • Search engine friendly, search engine will be able to follow all links defined in the menu.
  • Advanced unique features such as cross browsers effects, context menu, floating menu, drop on click, custom item, XML menu, AJAX menu that you hardly found elsewhere.
  • Complete documentation and examples for your reference
  • Fast and responsive supports (directly to developer).
  • Easy to setup, configure and customizable.
  • Free setup for static menu - contact our support.


NlsMenu Professional supports all most popular browsers (Windows or MAC): IE 5.0+, Firefox/Mozilla 1.0+, Safari 1.2+, Chrome 1.0, Netscape 7.1+, Opera 7.2.3+


"In a search for a decent drop down menu yet finding nothing but poor quality or lacking capabilities, I thought my luck ran out. Thats until I found NLSMenu Professional by Not only was it a bargain price, their drop down menu program far exceeded my expectations for any drop down menu. I have yet to explore the countless features NLS Menu Pro has to offer such as menu effects, styles and such. This is a must have program for any web designer that wants to give their sites a visual advantage and an exciting experience for new and existing online visitors".

Alex Coulstring