Search Engine Friendly (SEF)

Menu can be loaded from HTML UL/LI structure. Search engine will be able to follows all links defined in the menu structure.

Menu Orientation

Supports horizontal and vertical menu orientation.
NlsMenu Orientation

Drop Shadow and Advanced Borders

Configurable smooth shadow and advance borders.
NlsMenu Border and Shadow

Auto Positioning (Window Boundaries Detection)

NlsMenu detects the best position of submenu to ensure it is completely displayed on the screen.

Menu Direction

Submenu will be displayed in specified direction. If there is not enough space, the auto positioning will work.
NlsMenu Direction

Flow over Form's element (problem in IE6 and below)

NlsMenu support 2 options to cover form's element issue in IE: flow over and hide the form's elements.

Custom Menu Item

Create your own custom menu item. You can put anything into the custom menu item including form elements.
Custom Menu Item

Drop Down on Click

With this feature you can configure the menubar to drop down submenu upon click on menubar item.

Selection Path and Menu Selection

When Selection Path is enabled, the path to the selected item will be highlighted with special style configured in stylesheet. The selection path is maintained between server call (cookie must be enabled). Menu Level Selection applies only to a menu (the state is not maintained between server call).
NlsMenu Selection Path

Dynamic Functions

With NlsMenu you can show/hide, enable/disable menu item, create or delete menu item on the fly. This feature is extremely useful for creating context sensitive menu or toolbar.

Load menu from XML file/string

NlsMenu provides functions to load menu from XML file/string. You only need to define the menu structure and settings in XML format.

Load menu on demand (AJAX menu).

Load menu only when user move over menu item. This features is usefull when you have large menu system. You can create AJAX menu from XML file or load the menu from database.

Render on demand

Submenu is loaded but rendered on demand that is when mouse hover a menu item. This feature is extremely useful for large menu structure.

Multiple Instances

Create many instances in a single page with ease.

Menu Effects

Supports cross browser effect (sliding and fading) and all IE 5.5+ filter and transition effects with easy and simple configuration. Item level effect is also possible (IE only).
NlsMenu Effect

Relative Positioning

Put the menu anywhere in a page.

Adjustable Submenu Position

Adjust position of submenu relative the parent menu.

Scollable Menu

This feature is usefull for menu with many items in the submenu. NlsMenu support default scroll (browser's vertical scrollbar) and custom scroll.
Scrollable Menu

Cross Frame Menu

Create menubar in a frame and all its submenus in another frame.

HTML Menubar

HTML element such as hyperlink an image as menubar. Drop down menu will be displayed when mouse move over the image or hyperlink.
HTML Menubar

Custom Item Style

Define custom style for menu item.
NlsMenu Custom Item Style

Custom Separator

Configure separator in stylesheet or create your own custom separator.


With dynamic functions, you can create basic functional toolbar. You can create standard button, drop down button, toggle button and grouped toggle button

Please note that NlsMenu is mainly drop down menu control, it may not supports advanced functions that usually supported by real toolbar control. Please see example and documentation for more detail.
NlsMenu Toolbar

Popup (Context) Menu

With dynamic functions, you can create sophisticated popup/context sensitive menu..
Context Menu

Integration to NLSTree Pro

Integrates NlsMenu as advanced multilevel context menu to NlsTree Pro.
NlsMenu Integration with NlsTree

Customizeable Style

Customize almost any parts of the menu from CSS.

Unlimited Menu Level

Create many levels of menus as you like.


Small scripts size and modular design with so many of features.