NlsTree Professional

Version 2.4

Powerful and versatile cross browser javascript tree control. NlsTree provides advanced functionalities such as runtime tree node manipulation for adding, deleting and updating nodes, load on demand (AJAX), context menu, drag and drop, multiple selection, XML input/output, checkboxes, 'windows explorer like' node editing mode, customizeable icons and styles and many more features that make the tree exceptionally different.

NlsTree is the best for navigation, configuration tool in your application as well as data viewer and data gathering component.


  • Powerful, full of features to let you configure and use in your web application or website.
  • Advanced unique features such as context menu, drag & drop, multiple selection, node edit, XML, AJAX, render on demand and load from HTML that you cannot found elsewhere easily.
  • Complete documentation and examples for your reference.
  • Fast and responsive supports (directly to developer).
  • Easy to setup, configure and highly customizable.


  • Load on demand (incremental loading). Load tree nodes when expanding node with AJAX (server side performance optimization for large tree).
  • Render on demand. Render tree data when necessary (client side performance optimization for large tree)
  • Editable mode. Windows explorer like node editing function.
  • Context menu. Display menu when right click on tree node.
  • Drag & drop. Reorder/reorganize tree nodes with drag & drop function.
  • Auto scroll tree container and auto expand target node when dragging node.
  • Search engine friendly (SEO), load from HTML structure (UL/LI tags).
  • XML Input/Output.
  • Checkboxes tree.
  • Multiple nodes selection. Select multiple node using CTRL/SHIFT+Click.
  • Maintain tree state between server call.
  • Configurable icons and styles.
  • Unlimited levels of nodes.
  • Multiple instances, more than 1 tree instances in a page.
  • Frame targeting.
  • Node Sorting.
  • Custom Events.
  • Supports all popular browsers (see browser compatibility in complete features list).
  • Complete API.
  • Click here for complete description and features list...


NlsTree Professional supports all most popular browsers: IE 4.0+, Firefox 1.0+, Safari 1.2+, Chrome 1.0, Netscape 7.1+, Opera 7.2.3+


If you look for a Tree component for your web application, you've found it. The NLSTree component is very simple to plug to an existing application and very very powerfull : it's not only a web navigation tool, it's a real object cleverly thought !

The examples supplied with the pro version are very well documented and the documentation is very precise. I use now the NLSTree component after I have tried many of other free and commercial solutions. My choice is done. Two more words : we, softwares designers, often need to customize a Javascript component. The NLSTree sourcecode is not coded and it's possible to read it it if needed. The clients support is also open to modify the component for a specific need.
Jeremie Engel