Our product line consist of high quality web controls with outstanding performance. All are professionally designed and carefully thought. The controls suitable for most use in web application whether a simple or more complex web application.

Powerful and versatile cross browser javascript tree view control. NlsTree provides advanced functionalities such as runtime tree node operation for add, delete or update node state, load on demand (AJAX), context menu, drag and drop, multiple selection, XML input/output, checkboxes, 'windows explorer like' node editing mode, customizeable icons and styles and many more features that make the tree exceptionally different.
NlsMenu is powerful and features rich cross browser drop down menu control. NlsMenu offers simple and easy menu configuration/setup, CSS based, XHTML compliant, search engine friendly (generates menu from HTML UL/LI structure), cross browser effects, transparency, advanced borders, drop shadow, window edge detection, xml, ajax menu and many others. It allows user to create a simple or complex drop down menu.
NlsCalendar is state of the art Javascript calendar control. Calendar is generated dynamically in browser, no server request is required. It is fast and responsive, compact interface design and customizable style provide professional calendar view or date time picker for your web solution. Advance functionality such as AJAX, special date, special event and disable date provide more option in enhancing your web solution.
NlsScroller is an unique HTML scroller control. NlsScroller scrolls any html content such as images, text or links automatically or manually. NlsScroller supports plugable cross browser effects such as continuous scroll, fade, slide and wipe effect. With the dynamic function, you can scrolls dynamic content loaded from server, database or even RSS feed from any websites! A built-in AJAX function allows you to load the content asyncronously from server. You can specify amount of time for the scroller to reload/refresh the content. With this feature you can provides live and updated data in your website.
NlsLightBox is lightweight and powerful cross browser lightbox control. NlsLightBox offers more than most lightbox control available in the market. It supports viewing predefined collection of images, zoom, resize and fade effect. In addition to preview image, NlsLighbox also provide functionality to load HTML content using AJAX, IFRAME or inline content. These are functionalities that will greatly enhance your web solution. Replace the old popup window with more sophisticated lightbox to bring more advance user interface experience in your web solution.